Opening Hours and Costs

We are open from 8.30am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday during school term time. We offer morning, lunchtime and afternoon sessions which can be combined to provide half or full day care with a choice of 4 drop off times and 4 pick up times. Our shortest session is 2.5 hours. We take children from the term after their 2nd birthday until they start compulsory education.

All children from the term after their 3rd birthday are entitled to up to 15 hours free childcare per week (term time). Some children are entitled to a further 15 hours free childcare. Please go to for further information. Some 2 year old children are also entitled to up to 15 hours free childcare per week, please check on the above site to see if your child is entitled. For those who need to pay, either because they are not yet entitled to free childcare or are accessing more hours than the free hours our hourly rate is £5.

Minis Re-Open

If all goes to plan with the Government Road map we will be able to re-open our Minis group (Parent/Carer and Toddler group)

from Monday 19th April
9.15am – 10:45am
every Monday morning Term Time.

If you would like to come you will need to book by the Friday before you want to attend
either through our Facebook Page
by contacting us by text – our mobile number is 07483 343 866.

Please pay your £2.50, in the correct change please, when you attend minis.
We are looking forward to seeing you.