The role of the trustees

The trustees, often referred to as the management committee or committee members, are jointly responsible for the effective running of Croft Pre-School and making decisions regarding the management of the charity in order to achieve its aims. The trustees have an overriding duty to act lawfully and in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries – the children.

The Pre-School Learning Alliance Model Constitution 2011 is currently the legal governing document for our charity. It outlines the rules that the trustees must follow to run the charity properly and legally.

Our trustees may have various roles and duties. The officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are usually given certain key tasks to perform to help ensure they are carried out effectively. The trustees are a team and must support one another so that no one person has too much work or responsibility. Certain administrative tasks may be delegated to employees of the charity, where appropriate. However, the trustees remain responsible for directing and managing their work.

Activities and tasks the committee members are involved in include fulfilling our obligations to Ofsted and the Charity commission, budgeting, wage reviews, hourly fee increase reviews, staff supervision & performance management, fundraising, marketing and PR, grant applications, spending and much more.

The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary Role Descriptions below will give you an insight into the responsibilities of the officer roles and an outline of the trustees’ responsibilities is provided within the Trustee Role Description.


 Charity Chair PDF


 Charity Treasurer PDF


 Charity Secretary PDF


 Charity Trustee PDF