Croft Pre-School Committee

Croft Pre-School has been run successfully via a voluntary management committee for over 40 years, providing care and education for children from 2 years old until the time that they start school.

We operate under a constitution that holds a management committee of volunteers, who are members of Croft Pre School (either by being a family of Croft, a previous Croft family or being an approved affiliate member), responsible for the setting. The management committee is responsible to Ofsted and as we are a registered Charity, we are also accountable to the Charity Commission. The volunteers on the management committee are also trustees of the Charity. The committee employ staff to run Pre-School on a day to day basis but the committee are responsible for the management of Croft Pre-School.

The Committee are also the main fundraising organisers for Croft Pre School and deal with all monies relating to the setting. We continually review our business responsibilities, as well as finding fun ways to raise funds for pre-school to enhance the children’s learning and staff experiences.
Our voluntary management committee take its responsibility for the management of pre-school very seriously and ensures that our vision: Fun, Friendship & Learning is centric to all of our activities. At all the times the needs of the children at Croft Pre School are the main driving force for the committee.

All parts of the team at Croft Pre-School are continually improving the ways in which they operate in order to deliver a better outcome for the children, staff and charity as a whole. The charity thrives thanks to the dedication of the many different people who work with us – our volunteers, our members and our employees.

If you are interested in joining the committee or helping with fundraising events, please use our Email Enquiry Form in the Contact Us section of the website or speak to a member of staff or a committee member. We can appoint new committee members throughout the year and always welcome new members to our team.